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A tool to check source code for cryptographic pitfalls.

warning: the code is ugly, but it works


You can either get & build the tool yourself:

$ git clone
$ go build

or download the relevant binary here which are moderately up to date (but feel free to ask me if you need an up to date binary!).

After that just run it:

$ ./unicornator
Usage: ./unicornator (-level 1|2|3) (-no_ignored) [folder or file]
The default level is 2 (warnings), which will not display severity 1 findings (informationals)
Optional arguments:
-level int
display level of severity: 1 for informationals, 2 for warnings (default), 3 for important (default 2)
        remove the list of ignored files at the end of the output

if $GOPATH/bin is in your PATH then you should be able to call unicornator directly. If it doesn't work you might need to run go install


To analyze a directory:

./unicornator -no_ignored /somedirectory

To see what files are crypto-y:

./unicornator -no_ignored -ranking /somedirectory


Non-exhaustive list of things it does:

  • It will detect cryptographic files (.pem, .der, .asc, ...)
  • It will test cryptographic keys when found
  • It will detect weak patterns in know libraries (OpenSSL, BouncyCastle, ...)
  • It will detect random crypto nonsense :)

This is a work in progress, so at the moment it's returning a lot of false positives. Help it get better results by sending me its outputs :D

TODO features

  • html output (perhaps by running a one-page server in a go routine?)
  • custom ignore folders/files
  • make it easy to add new rules along with tests (perhaps with json, yaml, etc.)
  • optimize all these regexes (maybe initialize them in an init() ?)

TODO rules

TODO tests

  • what open source project to test with unicornator?