a whiteboxed DES implementation based on Chow et al paper
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Whitebox DES

This is an explanation on how a whitebox can be implemented, It follows Chow et al's paper on the subject.

It uses our previous implementation of DES in C.

To Do List

  • Create encodings for the network of XOR tables.
  • Split-Pathing for the XOR tables
  • Mixing-bijections for M_0, M_1, M_2 and

How to use the C implementation

  • WBDES.c and WBDES.h contain the functions used in the Whitebox-DES algorithm.

  • main.c builds the algorithm and allows you to decrypt an input file using the Whitebox DES. To encrypt you can use a simple DES encryption.

use make to build desbox.

$ make

$ whitebox --help
  • LtablesGen.c is a Lookup table generator that takes a key and generate a LtablesGen executable. Use it before building the main executable

use make to build the lookup table generator:

$ make Ltablesgen

$ ./Ltablesgen key

key must be in binary format.