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Code to go along with the Grokking Deep Reinforcement Learning book
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Grokking Deep Reinforcement Learning

Note: At the moment, only running the code from the docker container (below) is supported. Docker allows for creating a single environment that is more likely to work on all systems. Basically, I install and configure all packages for you, except docker itself, and you just run the code on a tested environment.

To install docker, I recommend a web search for "installing docker on <your os here>". For running the code on a GPU, you have to additionally install nvidia-docker. NVIDIA Docker allows for using a host's GPUs inside docker containers. After you have docker (and nvidia-docker if using a GPU) installed, follow the three steps below.

Running the code

  1. Pull the gdrl image with: docker pull mimoralea/gdrl:v0.7
  2. Spin up a container: docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8888 -v "$PWD"/notebooks/:/mnt/notebooks/ mimoralea/gdrl:v0.7 (remember to use nvidia-docker if you are using a GPU.)
  3. Open a browser and go to the URL shown in the terminal (likely to be: http://localhost:8888). The password is: gdrl
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