KitchenSync is an ActionScript 3.0 library for sequencing events, animations, and other time-based actions.
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#KitchenSync Library

Still in the process of migrating from Google Code to GitHub. Stay tuned!


See installation on the old wiki. Warning, this is probably out of date!


Check out the manual

Also, ASDoc Reference

##Special Thanks and Shouts-out

Thanks goes out to everyone who has tested this library and given their feedback as well as any encouragement. Thanks to EJ for talking me into making this. Thanks to Moses for helping me develop ideas about tweening and for the benchmarking software. Thanks to all the other creators of animation tools - I see what a tough task it can be.

Special thanks to the beta testers of version 2.0! You guys pointed out a lot of issues I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Zeh Fernando, Nate Chatellier are to thank for the impetus for easeOutIn functions.