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KitchenSync lib Change Log

Visit KitchenSync on GitHub for the latest version

* = Contains syntax changes that may require refactoring of legacy code.

===== v2.1* =====

  • ADDED - Auto-visibility to fade in and out tweens plus a parameter for e.g. automatically setting the alpha to 0 before a fadeIn.

  • ADDED - KSRemoveChild and KSAddChild. Just shortcuts for removeChild() and addChild() but with built-in error checking.

  • ADDED - lastActionAdded to IActionGroup which makes it a little easier to tweak anonymous actions when working with groups.

  • ADDED - KSProxy A utility for applying changes from one property to another property.

  • FIXED - Issues 31, 32, 34, 35 dealing with KSSequenceGroups and pausing.

  • FIXED - Issue when starting a group with no child actions.

  • FIXED - Possible situation where start event could be dispatched after complete event.

  • CHANGED - position tween from points to numbers to make it easier to use.

  • CHANGED - KSSimpleTween no longer requires a value for delay. Default is 0.

===== v2.0.1 =====

  • CHANGED - No longer requires KitchenSync.initialize() ! now auto-initializes.

  • ADDED - KSNullAction - an action that does nothing at all.

  • ADDED - Advanced scale method to TweenFactory

===== v2.0* =====

Note: Version 2.0 represents a major overhaul to the entire system for greater simplicity and practical functionality. This version will not be backwards compatible. Version 1.x development will continue under a separate branch starting with 1.7.


  • ADDED - Better docs to KitchenSyncEvent class.

  • ADDED - methods in TweenFactory and renamed some.

  • REFACTORED - Constructors throughout the system for more consistency and ease of use.

  • REMOVED - delay from the KSFunction constructor.

  • CHANGED - all color matrix tweens to use values between -1 and 1.


  • REFACTORED - The way time is handled throughout. The sync mode option is deprecated and will always be active.

  • ADDED - ISynchronizerCore and example core classes. This allows advanced users to switch between different methods of timing (e.g. enterframe or timer based)

  • REMOVED - Timestamp class. From now on, the synchronizer will dispatch an int representing the system time since the SWF initialized. Also removed TimestampUtil

  • ADDED - a method to track the number of active actions.

  • ADDED - cycles to replace frames in Synchronizer. Every update counts as a cycle.

  • ADDED - FrameRateUtil for getting instantaneous and averaged framerates of the system. The FrameRateView now makes use of this class and has more options.

  • CHANGED - Using TimeStringParser_en to work with frames is now not recommended but a frameRate property has been added to support it. timeStringParser is now a property of KitchenSync instead of being defined in AbstractAction.


  • MOVED - some important methods from AbstractAction-only to IAction.

  • ADDED - IPauseable interface extracted from IAction. (wiht intention of making Synchronizer use this)

  • ADDED - an IJumpableAction to specify jumpToTime and jumpByTime separate from IAction.

  • ADDED - IPrecisionAction that defines a method that can start an action at a specific start time. Used in Staggered group

  • ADDED - jumpToTime and jumpByTime to AbstractAction so (almost) all actions have this functionality.

  • OPTIMIZED - startTimeHasElapsed and durationHasElapsed in AbstractAction

  • REMOVED - action triggers from AbstractAction. Use KSSequenceGroups instead.

  • ADDED - togglePause() method to AbstractAction.

  • ADDED - progress variable to AbstractAction for getting percentage complete of an action.


  • ADDED - methods in TweenFactory and renamed some.

  • CHANGED - constructors in KSTween. Emphasis is now on using TweenFactory.

  • IMPROVED - Object parser in TweenFactory

  • MOVED - all tween related classes and tween targets into org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tween package. Got rid of tweentarget package.

  • REFACTORED - KSTween clone functions. Some are a little hacky but easy to use.

  • ADDED - a method for getting the natural duration of a timeline tweeen in TimelineController.

  • ADDED - SoundTransformProperties and refactored SoundTransformTarget

  • ADDED - easing related accessors to ITween.

  • ADDED - ITweenTargetCollection for KSTween.


  • MOVED - action group related files to package

  • ADDED - an interface for groups, IActionGroup.

  • ADDED - Syntactic sugar to the group constructors. using an array in the constructor for a parallel group adds a sequence and vice versa.

  • ADDED - Looping via a new group called KSLooper.

  • ADDED - totalDuration to groups.

  • ADDED - KSRandomGroup.

  • REMOVED - KSSteppedSequenceGroup because it seemed kinda useless.


  • REFACTORED - Now it's much easier to use and more powerful.

  • ADDED - KSLoader for queueing up Loaders for loading SWFs and images

  • ADDED - KSLoadQueue for quickly creating a class to load files from the network in a batch.

  • ADDED - the resultList property to the ILoaderAction interface so that you can quickly access the loaded files in a batch.


  • RENAMED - KitchenSyncEvent types because of a bug in Flex which makes the wrong event type appear in the auto-complete if the constant name and string don't match.

  • RENAMED - KSSoundController to KSSound

  • RENAMED - KSAsynchronousFunction and KSAsynchronousLoop to KSAsyncFunction and KSAsyncLoop

  • RENAMED - VALUE\_AT\_START\_OF\_TWEEN to AUTO\_TWEEN\_VALUE and moved it to a global file. Fixed a bug where this wasn't working. Also added this to KSSimpleTween.


  • FIXED - a timing issue in KSStaggeredGroup. Now the animations from this group are much smoother.

  • FIXED - pausing in KSAsynchronousEvent

  • FIXED - some minor bugs


  • ADDED - KSAsynchronousIteration for running processor-intensive for loops spaced out over a period of time so that they are essentially asynchronous.

  • REMOVED - eventType and useWeakReferences class properties of KSEventDispatcher. Modified other methods for garbage collection.

  • REMOVED - KSMovieClipController since it didn't seem to add much and could be confused easily with TimelineController.

  • IMPROVED - build.xml to include more targets for building the library. Using SDK 3.4 now.

===== v1.7 =====

  • ADDED - Grant Skinner's ColorMatrix class for some color tweens

  • ADDED - Saturation tween target for animating saturation changes (using ColorMatrix)

  • ADDED - Brightness tween target for animating brightness changes (using ColorMatrix)

  • ADDED - Contrast tween target for animating contrast changes (using ColorMatrix)

  • ADDED - TintTweenTarget for animating ColorTransorms

  • ADDED - KSURLLoader and KSXMLLoader for easier load queues

  • CHANGED - KSAsyncrhonousFunction to use strong references

===== v1.6 (2008.10.15) =====

  • ADDED - TweenFactory which provides an easy to use interface for creating new tweens including an object parser similar to FuseKit's interface.

  • ADDED - SoundTransformTarget for changing volume or panning of a sound.

  • ADDED - KSSimultaneousEndGroup which causes all children to end simultaneously.

  • ADDED - KSSteppedSequenceGroup for sequencing powerpoint-like applications.

  • ADDED - finished coding INumericController

  • ADDED - isInstantaneous property to AbstractActions

  • ADDED - toString() methods to some ITweenTarget classes. Modified toString() for some groups.

  • ADDED - IAction and ISynchronizerClient interfaces.

  • ADDED - an optimized implementation of IAction, KSSimpleTween. Saw a 25% performance increase over KSTween!

  • ADDED - ITween interface

  • CHANGED - License to MIT license.

  • CHANGED - all static types that reference AbstractAction to IAction. Now IActions can be added to groups. (needs testing)

  • CHANGED - Synchronizer to utilize ISynchronizer client. (virtually no performance increase) :-(

  • CHANGED - Altered KSTween to use multiple tween targets. Now includes methods like addTweenTarget(). some clone methods are deprecated.


  • FIXED - a bug in KSParallelGroup.stop()

  • FIXED - a non-bug where using addAction() can cause a null pointer exception after using kill() on a group.

  • REMOVED - commented out unused 'name' property of AbstractAction

  • UPDATED - wiki to reflect 1.5 syntax.

===== v1.5* (2008.07.08) =====

  • REFACTORED - to optimize performance. Saw an improvement of about 50%

  • ADDED - TargetProperty and ITweenTarget (formerly ITweenable) to KSTweens (actually, these have been in there for a while, but now they're working)

  • ADDED - IFilterTweenTarget and implementations for tweening filter properties and simple blurs.

  • ADDED - INumericController as a base class for ITweenTarget

  • ADDED - KSTween.newWithTweenable() and KSTween.cloneWithTweenable() methods for creating tweens with custom tweenables.

  • ADDED - KSAsynchronousFunction for firing asyncrhonous functions in a sequence. Good for queues.

  • ADDED - FrameRateView utility which displays the framerate of the Synchronizer.

  • ADDED - message accessor to KSTrace

  • FIXED - a bug where children of a group are not cloned when the group is cloned.

  • FIXED - a bug in KSStaggeredGroup that caused some children not to fire.

  • FIXED - a bug where actions get fired multiple times in sync mode. (needs verification)

  • MOVED - snapToWholeValue from KSTween to TargetPropety.

  • RENAMED - snapToWholeValue to snapToInteger.

  • CHANGED - KSTween's 'fromValue' and 'toValue' to 'startValue' and 'endValue' and are actually stored in the ITweenTargets.

  • CHANGED - syntax of KSTween constructor. Now 'startValue' comes before 'endValue'.

  • CHANGED - 'util' to 'utils' to match Adobe's and AS3lib's naming conventions.

  • CHANGED - 'offset' to 'delay' (kept legacy accessors for offset)

  • CHANGED - KSSoundController now uses the time string parser on the 'soundOffset'.

  • CHANGED - the core of the Synchronizer to a timer based system thus improving speed.

  • CHANGED - default policy for 'snapToValueOnComplete' to true which should fix some tween problems.

  • CHANGED - default frequency for oscillating functions.

===== v1.2* (2008.05.2) =====

  • RENAMED - Nearly the entire library

  • MOVED - All classes into new packages

  • ADDED - KitchenSync as the entry point to the library. Use KitchenSync.initialize(this, "1.2"); to start the app.

  • CHANGED - Synchronizer is no longer used to initialize the library and getInstance() no longer throws an error.

  • FIXED - A bug in Sequence.kill()

===== v1.1 (2008.02.22) =====

  • ADDED - jumpToTime() method to Tween (this may be moved to AbstractSynchronizedAction in a later release)

  • ADDED - getTimestampFromFrames() and getTimestampFromMilliseconds() to TimestampUtil

  • ADDED - Timecode to TimeStringParser. Now ":ss", "mm:ss;ff", "dd:hh:mm:ss;ff", etc. are now supported.

  • ADDED - ActionDefaults class for storing default initialization values.

  • ADDED - easeOutIn() to most of the easing functions (buggy. seems to overshoot target in some cases)

  • ADDED - version check in Synchronizer.initialize()

  • CHANGED - type of Numbers within Timestamp to int.

  • REFACTORED - all actions to contain super() in the constructor.

  • REMOVED - errors that are thrown when pause() and start() are called at the wrong times.

===== v1.0.1 (2008.02.04) ======

  • FIXED - Cubic.easeOut bug.

  • ADDED - getters for Tween's toValue and fromValue.

  • ADDED - source code to main binary.

  • ADDED - metadata for events.

  • UPDATED - docs and added summaries to all wiki pages.

===== v1.0 (2008.01.21) =====

Note: This is Milestone 1.0 as it is the official release and all basic functionality is complete.)

===== v0.4.2 (2007.12.20) =====

  • ADDED - ITimeStringParser. duration and offset now support string values such as "12sec" or "15 frames" or "1h1m2s3ms". See TimeStringParser_en for details

  • CHANGED - TimeUnit and ActionControllerCommands to be strong-typed enumerations.

  • FIXED - (partially) bug in Oscillate when dealing with frequencies and different time units.

===== v0.4.1 (2007.12.13) =====

===== v0.4 (2007.12.04) =====

  • ADDED - pause(), unpause(), and stop() to AbstractSynchronizedAction. Also created reset() for Tweens.

  • ADDED - support for milliseconds or frames using the TimeUnit class. The default time unit is now milliseconds.

  • ADDED - new AbstractSynchronizedAction type - ActionController - which can tell another action to play, pause, unpause, stop, or kill.

  • ADDED - ActionControllerCommands class for holding static constants for each command.

  • ADDED - SynchronizedGotoFrame for controlling MovieClips (untested)

  • ADDED - SynchronizedSetProperty (not tested)

  • ADDED - new class TimestampUtil with add(), subtract() methods.

  • ADDED - getChildAtIndex() method to AbstractSynchronizedActionGroup.

  • ADDED - removeTrigger() and removeEventTrigger() to AbstractSynchronizedAction.

  • ADDED - setTime() to Timestamp

  • ADDED - minimum and maximum modifiers to Random.ease function.

  • ADDED - triangle() to Oscillate class.

  • ADDED - CHILD_START events and moved onChildComplete() and onChildStart() into the AbstractSynchronizedActionGroup class.

  • ADDED - PAUSE and UNPAUSE events

  • ADDED - clone() to Timestamp

  • FIXED - the pesky bug where child actions executed 1 frame late.

  • FIXED - a bug where Parallel didn't dispatch CHILD_COMPLETE

  • MOVED - some as3 library files to an externally linked library

  • CHANGED - start() to return the started action. This will make it easier declare and start in the same line: var tween:Tween = Tween(new Tween(x,y,...).start());

  • CHANGED - Tween's 'targetProperty' getter and setter to 'value'

  • CHANGED - startTimeIsElapsed and durationIsElapsed to public read-only properties.

  • OPTIMIZED - performance of some functions with sounds and groups.

===== v0.3.1 (2007.09.28) =====

  • ADDED - a User's Guide to the docs folder. Docs are available at

  • MOVED - code into a Flex Library Project (and moved demo to a seperate as3 project). Destroyed old repository.

===== v0.3 (2007.07.07) =====

  • ADDED - asdoc pages in the /bin/docs folder.

  • ADDED - autoDelete flag which deletes actions on complete if true

  • ADDED - addTrigger() and addEventTrigger() to AbstractSyncrhonizedAction so that actions can be triggered by other actions or by events

  • ADDED - clone() method to most SynchronizedAction classes

  • ADDED - cloneWithTarget() method to Tween class

  • ADDED - reverse() and cloneReversed() methods to the Tween class

  • ADDED - reverseChildOrder() to ActionGroup

  • ADDED - snapToValueOnComplete and snapToWholeNumber to Tween class

  • ADDED - documentation to easing functions

  • ADDED - absoluteSine(), sawtooth(), and pulse() to the Oscillate class

  • ADDED - Sextic easing class

  • ADDED - Stepped easing class which produces an easing function that is stepped based on another one.

  • ADDED - getAveragedFunction() to EasingUtils which produces an average of two types of easing functions.

  • ADDED - Tween.EXISTING_FROM_VALUE as the from value default. Reordered Tween constructor parameters.

  • REMOVED - shortcuts for amplitude, period, and overshoot

  • REMOVED - easeIn(), easeOut(), easeInOut() for Linear and Random

  • MOVED - Sine.oscillate() to Oscillate.sine()

  • RENAMED - project to KitchenSync. Moved code to src folder

  • RENAMED - com.mimswright.animation to com.mimswright.sync

  • OPTIMIZED - the way that actions listen to synchronizer

  • TESTED - to ensure the re-usability of action classes

  • TESTED - and tweaked the SynchronizedSound class

===== v0.2 (2007.06.21) =====

  • ADDED - Staggered groups

  • ADDED - SyncrhonizedSound (not tested)

  • ADDED - Wait class

  • ADDED - EasingUtil with call() method for more safely calling easing functions and the generateArray() method for pre-calculating

  • ADDED - Sine.oscillate() and Random.ease() easing functions

  • ADDED - easing funcitons. Rewrote all penner v2 easing functions to use fewer arguments and ported to as3

  • ADDED - ability to set easing function modifiers on a Tween object (includes shortcuts for amplitude, period, and overshoot)

  • ADDED - ITweenable and TargetProperty classes (aren't implemented yet)

  • FIXED - a bug with Parallel where items were deleted from array on complete.

  • RENAMED - SynchronizedEvent to SynchronizedDispatchEvent

===== v0.1 (2007.06.17) =====

  • ADDED...

    • Synchronizer

    • AbstractSyncrhonizedAction

    • AbstractSyncrhonizedActionGroup

    • Sequence and Parallel

    • SynchronizedFunction

    • SynchronizedTrace

    • SynchronizedEvent

    • SynchronizerEvent

    • Penner's Easing v3 (from alex uhlmann)

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