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A falling block puzzle game created using React and Redux.
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An arcade puzzle game created in JS using React / Redux.

This game is open-source, free, and just for funsies!

👉 Play Now! 🎮 📺

Screen Shot


After watching Meth Meth Method's video I was inspired to create a similar game for the following reasons:

  1. To try my hand at making a game using functional programming methodologies.
  2. To try out some JS tools that I hadn't used before
  3. I thought it would be fun to make up crazy custom shapes and/or game modes.

Some of the tools I used:

  • redux for state management
  • reselect for memoized selectors
  • react for component rendering
  • Ducks for module organization
  • AVA for unit tests and nyc for code coverage
  • lodash for numerous utility functions
  • random-seed to create a deterministic game mode (where every game is the same order of pieces)
  • pressed for detecting key presses in update loop (I created this library for this project)
  • babel, webpack, standard (code style)
  • ES6


Key Action
Left, A Left
Right, D Right
Down, S Down
Shift, Up Rotate Right
Z, / Rotate Left
Enter Pause / Restart Game
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