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Simple SMS notification whenever an item is uploaded into S3 bucket.
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AWS S3 Upload Notification Via SMS (Twilio)

Another Serverless project... This time it's a SMS notification (using Twilio) triggered every time an item is uploaded inside an AWS S3 bucket.

How To Use

  • Download this project
  • Run npm install to download the required modules
  • Install Serverless (
  • Install AWS CLI ( and configure it with your account
  • Create a Twilio account at
  • In the serverless.yml file
    • Set the region and profile according to your AWS CLI configuration
    • Change the name of the bucket in custom -> bucket
    • Add your Twilio Account SID (ACCOUNT_SID)
    • Add your Twilio Account Token (AUTH_TOKEN)
    • Add your Twilio Phone Number (TWILIO_PHONE_NO)
    • Add the desired phone number to receive the SMS (PHONE_NO_TO_RECEIVE_SMS)
  • Run serverless deploy -v
  • Test this function by adding any file in the bucket

How To Remove The Project

  • In your terminal command, go to the directory of this project and run serverless remove
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