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Super Simple Book Lending App (made with React)
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Book Lending App (ReactJs)

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. You can find the most recent version on how to perform common tasks in the guide here.

This repo is part of the tiny project/demo/portfolio for a Super Simple Book Lending App.

It is responsible for creating the graphical user interface, managing the API calls, and control user access in each action (borrow, reserve, return).

How to install

Assuming you already have Create React App and you already installed and deployed the repos book-lending-app-auth and book-lending-app-api, the following steps will explain how to install this project on your machine.

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install the dependent modules
  3. Open the file src/components/dialogs/LoginDialog.js and update the urls of the API call in the methods handleLogin and handleRegister to the one you created installing the repo book-lending-app-auth.
  4. Open the file src/components/dialogs/ItemDetailDialog.js and update the url of the API call in the method callAPI
    1. Don't paste the entire url. This method is dynamically taking the last two path parameters, the first one is the utility (reservations/lendings/returnings), and the second one is the id of the book.
  5. Open the file src/components/AppContent.js and update the url of the API call in the method fetchAllBooks
  6. To execute in local mode run npm start.

How to uninstall

Just delete the entire folder.

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