Pebble Sunrise/Sunset and Moon Phase Watch Face
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Pebble Solar Watch Face

"If you want to catch a train - look at your watch. If you want to know the best times to work, rest and eat - look at the sun."

In older days each town would keep it's own time, which was based on solar cycle. This was great for local citizens, but could pose some inconveniences for long distance travelers, especially, after advent of railroads. The universal time and time zone system addressed these and many other issues, but it had a downside - we started living by the new clock and lost sinchronicity with nature's time. Depending on location, timezone time can vary from local true time even by few hours! Add Daylight Time Saving to the mix and we have total havoc in our cycardian rhythm.

The Sun is still our main timekeeper, most important natural cycles are occuring due to solar cycles. Birds, for example, know nothing about UTC and DST, nor do they care. They live according to the Sun's cycle. In Ayurveda - the most ancient science of health - there are numerous recommendations on how to improve your physical and psychological well-being by synchronizing your daily activities with the Sun. For example, the main meal of the day - lunch - should be taken when our digestion fire is strongest, which is when the Sun reaches it's zenith. Also, if you want to get the best out of your night's sleep, you should not eat after 6 or 7 PM and go to bed before 10 PM (solar time, of course). If your want to have a productive day, you should get up before sunrise.

This watchface is intendet to help you get the best of both worlds: it displays both your timezone time and your location's solar time side-by-side. It uses phone's location to calculate your local solar time. Also it visualizes the duration of night and day, and displays your local sunrise and sunset times.

This watchface was initially based on, which in turn was based on KarbonPebbler's watchface and others.

If you like it you can drop a bit or two at bitcoin:1Ma79J2yShjfE9pojgQVgSmxvYXzJHkTGM. Thanks!