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Really fast deployer and server automation tool.


This is a readme of the current master, version 1.0.0. If you are using older mina (pre 0.3) please take a look at 0.3 readme

Mina works really fast because it's a deploy Bash script generator. It generates an entire procedure as a Bash script and runs it remotely in the server.

Compare this to the likes of Capistrano, where it opens an SSH connection and runs each command in sequence , Mina only creates a SSH session and sends one command.

$ gem install mina
$ mina init

Mina requires ruby 2.0.0 or greater. For older please use 0.3.8 version


For quick start check out Getting starting guide

For migrating your current 0.3.x deploy scripts, please look at the migrating guide

For FAQ please visit the faq

If you are missing some plugins check the 3rd party plugins doc

For other documentation please visit the docs


Released under the MIT License.


Mina is maintained and sponsored by Infinum.

You can reach us on twitter Stef & Infinum

© 2016 Infinum.

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