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Commits on May 25, 2015
  1. [xkb] Add custom layout overrides

    Move keyboard configuration code to separate file and include a custom
    layout overrides for quote characters.
  2. [emacs] Use Sawfish’ run-application instead of external dmenu

    Sawfish’ run-application has a bit fewer features than dmenu, but those
    can be hacked eventually.
  3. [sawfish] Replace with explicit volume setting

    Having to cycle through various volume levels is somehow cumbersome when
    wanting to go back a level.  What’s more, to get to lower volume one must
    first go through higher volume levels.  Replace the script
    with two-keystroke bindings for setting volume to desired levels.
  4. [emacs] Do not confirm killing Emacs

    ‘C-x C-c’ is hard enough to type so that I don’t press it by mistake.  At
    the same time, having the confirmation only taught me to automatically
    confirm my intention without reading question Emacs was asking.  This lead
    to blindly confirming that I want to kill Emacs even though modified
    buffers exists which often was not my intention.
    To recap: confirming killing Emacs brings more harm then benefits so get
    rid of it.
  5. [emacs] s/current-local-map-create-maybe/set-key--current-local-map/

    The new name of the function makes it clear that it’s a private function
    used by `set-key'.  While at it, wrap some of the docstring consistently
    with the rest.
  6. [emacs] Refactor `hcz-set-cursor-color`

    No behaviour change but use a single variable instead of two, which can
    be nil making initialisation a no-op, and cache result of `buffer-name'
    instead of calling it multiple times.
  7. [emacs] Simplify `set-tab'

    Since Emacs 24.4 the following is true:
    *** `tab-stop-list' is now implicitly extended to infinity by repeating
    the last step.  Its default value is changed to nil, which means a tab
    stop every `tab-width' columns.
    Simplify `set-tab' function so that it does not deal with `tab-stop-list'
    and instead relies on the above behaviour.
Commits on May 20, 2015
  1. [emacs] Enable `describe-char-eldoc' if available

    The function shows description of Unicode characters in mode line if
    point remains at it for some time.
  2. [emacs] Highlight column number in red if >80

    Helps, by a tiny bit, to quickly see whether cursor is past the
    80-column mark or not.
  3. [emacs] Remove `forward-paragraph' step from `my-end'

    I never use that particular stage and it only adds a step in getting to
    the end of the file.
  4. [emacs] Add `package-initialize' call

    In fact, it has been added by package.el on it’s own with the following
    ;; Added by Package.el.  This must come before configurations of
    ;; installed packages.  Don't delete this line.  If you don't want it,
    ;; just comment it out by adding a semicolon to the start of the line.
    ;; You may delete these explanatory comments.
    Keep the function call but make the comment a bit shorter.
Commits on Apr 9, 2015
  1. [shell] Don’t use ‘export VAR=value’ in .shellrc

    .shellrc can be potentially run by a simple shell which does not support
    ‘export VAR=value’ syntax so instead, for better compatibility, turn it
    into ‘VAR=value; export VAR’.
  2. [sawfish] Use `xterm-command' instead of custom `mn-term-command'.

    `xterm-command' is used by other Sawfish code so this not only gets rid
    of one unnecessary variable but also better integrates with the rest of
    the window manager.
  3. [emacs] Make sure Unicode-capable font is used

    I’m not sure why this occurs, but Emacs would pick an ISO-8859-1 version
    of the font which would result in ugly Unicode characters.  Make really
    sure that Unicode-capable version of the font is used.
    Using `set-face-attribute' should be enough as far as I understand, but
    it wasn’t so also add a hook to `after-make-frame-functions'.
  4. [emacs] Customise `whitespace-big-indent-regexp' to my lickings

    Do not treat spaces as big indent, only four or more tabs.
  5. [emacs] Disable font-lock-mode in notmuch buffers

    font-lock-mode interferes with notmuch modes for some reason so disable it
    in notmuch buffers.
  6. [emacs] Kill *scratch* buffer at load before creating remember-notes one

    For some reason, *scratch* buffer is created at load before
    `initial-buffer-choice' is called.  This means that `remember-notes' does
    not reuse the buffer for notes.  Kill *stratch* beforehand so as to not
    end up with two separate buffers.
  7. [emacs] Bind ‘C-x c’ to `save-buffers-kill-terminal'

    Works better with emacsclient and multiple connections.
Commits on Jan 3, 2015
  1. [git] Customise diff outputs for different file types

    Thanks to .gitattributes and some predefined and some added diff formats,
    git will now start showing better text at the “@@” lines.  E.g. for Emacs
    lisp it will typically be the “(defun …)” line from now on.
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