Tabbed plugin for rxvt-unicode with many enhancements
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URxvt Tabbed Extended plugin

An extended version of rxvt-unicode's tabbed perl extension with many new features such as:

  • activity and bell markers,
  • terminal status in the tab bar,
  • tabs renaming (also using OSC command),
  • user commands (so keysyms can be used),
  • tab bar auto-hiding,
  • preserving of -e option,
  • and more…

Installing tabbedex

Since tabbedex extension does not come with rxvt-unicode, it has to be installed separately. Installation is as simple as invoking:

curl | sh

or to install system-wide (even though frankly this hasn’t been tested well):

curl | sudo sh

Running this command again (or executing sh ~/.urxvt/urxvt-tabbedex/install) will update the code.

Enabling the extension

The plugin can be tested, without enabling it by default, by using urxvt’s -pe switch as follows:

urxvt -pe tabbedex

To enable it by default, it needs to be added to perl-ext or perl-ext-common URxvt resource. For example, ~/.Xresources might contain:

URxvt.perl-ext:  matcher,tabbedex,searchable-scrollback<M-s>

For full documentation of that resource, consult RESOURCES section of urxvt man page.

Configuration and usage

For configuration and usage see the sources of tabbedex file or read the urxvt-tabbedex man page installed by the above command (in case of local installation it is put in ~/man directory which man will look if ~/bin is in PATH).