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December 6, 2020 00:30
February 16, 2022 21:24

bookmark-view.el - Use bookmarks to persist the current view


This package provides commands which allow storing the window configuration (called a view) as an Emacs bookmark. The view can be restored after restart.

There are alternative view packages like burly, which are more ambitious. bookmark-view aims to be the simplest thing that marries bookmarks and window configurations.

The main command is bookmark-view. If called interactively it reads a bookmark name via completing-read. If a view bookmark with the given name exists, open it, otherwise the current view is saved under that name.

Furthermore there are the commands bookmark-view-push and bookmark-view-pop to store a stack of views. Please take a look at the source code to see all of the available commands.

This package works well together with my Consult package, which can be configured such that consult-buffer directly includes the list of views.

See also the newer variant of this package, called tab-bookmark, which has the ability to store and restore the window configuration of the current tab.