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OLD REPOSITORY: Ruby kernel for IPython Notebook. Development continues in
Ruby JavaScript CSS
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Main development of this project continues now within the SciRuby project.


This is a Ruby kernel for IPython and is part of SciRuby.

Quick start

At first install the packages `ipython`, `python-jinja`, `python-tornado`, `python-pyzmq` so that you get a working `ipython notebook`. Maybe the packages are called slightly different on your Unix.

Now install the rubygem using `gem install iruby` and then run `iruby notebook` or `iruby`.

Take a look at the Example.

The IRuby notebook requires `ipython` >= 1.2.0. Furthermore we need `libzmq` >= 3.2 to work. Version 2.2.0 will not work. If you're using an old Debian without a new enough version of `libzmq`, you can install Anaconda, a Python distribution with newer versions.


See the CONTRIBUTORS file.


Copyright © 2013-15, IRuby contributors and the Ruby Science Foundation.

All rights reserved.

IRuby, along with SciRuby, is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE.txt file for details.

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