doesn't sense all tarfiles? #1

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MimeMagic.by_magic isn't able to sense either file on this page as a tarfile:

However, both tar and the Unix file utility like them.

$ wget -O tt.tar
$ file tt.tar      => tt.tar: tar archive

in irb:

require 'open-uri'
require 'mimemagic'
x = open('')
MimeMagic.by_magic(x)    => nil
x = open('')
MimeMagic.by_magic(x)    => application/x-tar 

(the last 2 are just to prove that mimemagic does sense other tarfiles)

Just fyi, mimemagic is serving me great.


The version 1.0 tarfile on this page doesn't get sensed either:

The rest are fine.

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