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themes #63

london111 opened this Issue Jul 24, 2011 · 5 comments

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Are there other themes than the atlantis theme available? Is there any manual which describes how to build my own theme?

bver commented Aug 21, 2011

I also cannot find a themes documentation, but it seams the atlantis theme can be easily cloned and modified:

cp -r static/themes/atlantis/ static/themes/MYTHEME/

Now MYTHEME's files can be modified.

Then the Rakefile can be extended to compile MYTHEME's scss files to MYTHEME/style.css:

file('static/themes/MYTHEME/style.css' => Dir.glob('static/themes/MYTHEME/*.scss') + Dir.glob('static/themes/lib/*.scss')) do |t|
  puts "Creating #{}..."
  content = "@media screen{#{sass('style.css', 'screen.scss'))}}@media print{#{sass('style.css', 'print.scss'))}}"
  spew(, content)
namespace :gen do
  desc('Compile CSS files - MYTHEME')
  task :mytheme => %w(static/themes/MYTHEME/style.css


rake gen:mytheme

makes the rest.

Do not forget to change config/config.yml line:

# Selected theme
theme: MYTHEME

This is, of course, a quite dirty and non-DRY way but it has worked for me. It is also very sensitive to the later changes of Rakefile.
Warning: do this at your own risk. I guess authors will address the theme creation process in the future.


minad commented Aug 24, 2011

@bver: This is currently the only way to add a custom theme. I would appreciate if someone finds a better solution which wouldn't require so many modifications.

bver commented Sep 4, 2011

We can parametrize the rake task I guess:

rake gen:theme theme=MYTHEME

It can be written in the Rakefile using ENV['theme']:

 desc('Compile CSS files - theme=MYTHEME')
 task :theme => ["static/themes/#{ENV['theme']}/style.css",

It requires more work, of course -- at least rewriting the file('static/themes/MYTHEME/style.css') command to a more general rule command, some ENV['theme'] sanitization, etc.

A similar approach can be used for cloning (copying default theme files):

rake clone:theme theme=MYTHEME

Rake tasks may improve even translator's life, for instance:

rake clone:locale locale=xy_XY


rake gen:locale locale=xy_XY

(The last task can compile some intelligible YAML translations into 09-olelo.unsaved.js and 14-olelo.timeago.js files.)

minad commented Sep 4, 2011

For the themes you could also detect all of them using wildcards.

minad commented Oct 16, 2012

this was more a discussion, closing it

@minad minad closed this Oct 16, 2012
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