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A Queen Bey inspired theme for Bash-It, Visual Studio Code, iTerm, Hyper, Slack, Alfred and more!


Yoncé Bash Theme

In order for this theme to render correctly, you will need a Nerd Fonts-patched font. Demo uses patched version of Dank Mono.


  1. Move yonce.theme.bash file to bash-it's theme folder: .bash_it/themes/yonce/.
  2. Go to your ~/.bash_profile file and set BASH_IT_THEME="yonce".
  3. Finally, reload your terminal.

Yoncé theme documentation
Bash-it theme documentation

Visual Studio Code

VSCode Preview

  1. Install using Command Palette
  2. Go to View -> Command Palette or press ShiftP / CtrlShiftP
  3. Then enter Install Extension
  4. Write Yonce
  5. Select it or press Enter to install

Command prompt color schemes


iTerm Preview

  1. iTerm2 → PreferencesProfilesColors Tab
  2. Click Load Presets...
  3. Click Import...
  4. Select the Yoncé.itermcolors file
  5. Select the Yoncé from Load Presets...


Hyper Preview

Add hyper-yonce to the plugins list in your ~/.hyper.js config file.

macOS Terminal

  1. Terminal → PreferencesProfiles tab
  2. Click the Settings (gear) icon
  3. Click Import...
  4. Select the Yoncé.terminal file


  1. Double-click on the Yoncé.terminal file to open a new Terminal window with the color scheme
  2. Terminal → Shell → Use settings as default

Note: Yoncé color scheme files reflects only the theme colors in the command prompt. To get the formatting and glyphs shown, you will need to configure your Bash theme via the instructions above.

Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal Preview

From Windows Terminal, press Ctrl+,, then click Open JSON file at the lower right corner.

There is a JSON array of schemes in the settings.json. Paste the contents of "yonce.wintermcolors" at the end of that array. (There will be an import feature very soon)


Slack Preview


  1. Open Preferences by clicking on your workspace name
  2. Select Sidebar
  3. Click the “customize your theme and share it with others” link
  4. Paste #121212,#2F2F2F,#FC4384,#FFFFFF,#00A7AA,#FFFFFF,#37E5E7,#A06FCA
  5. Click X button in upper right.


Alfred Preview


Double-click on Yoncé.alfredappearance.