An editable field mixin for backbone views
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Backbone Editable

This is an in place editor mixin written in coffeescript for a backbone view.

It defines a method for including mixins (@mixin, directly inspired by: and the mixin itself Backbone.Mixin.Editable

This project was extracted from a rails app so usage instructions pertain to rails. Starting in your project root, download the coffeescript file:

cd vendor/assets/javascripts
curl -C - -O

Include the file in your javascript manifest file, after backbone, but before your backbone app:

//= require underscore
//= require backbone

// Backbone Mixins
//= require backbone_editable

//= require appname

Finally, include the mixin in your view:

class App.Views.MyView extends Backbone.View
  @mixin Backbone.Mixin.Editable

  initialize: (options = {}) ->
    # To redraw the model after changes
    # have been made.
    @model.on 'change', @render, this


NOTE: All model save events are silent by default. This can be changed by calling @initEditable(silent_events: false). This setting can be overridden on your editable by setting the data attribute data-silent='true' or data-silent='false'

Now, to make a field in your template editable, regardless of your templating engine you need to set a class and some data attributes

To edit @model.get('options')[3].text:

<div class="editable" data-object="options" data-index="3" data-key="text">
  <%= @model.get('options')[3].text %>

To edit @model.get('options').text:

<div class="editable" data-object="options" data-key="text">
  <%= @model.get('options').text %>

To edit @model.get('options')[3]:

<div class="editable" data-object="options" data-index="3">
  <%= @model.get('options')[3] %>

To edit @model.get('text')

<div class="editable" data-key="text">
  <%= @model.get('text') %>

All of these fire a change event and save the model. If you tie render to your models change event, then the model will redraw with the new data.

To be implemented soon

  • Minimum/maximum text field width
  • Silent changes

Pull Requests and suggestions welcome...