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Mail Filter is a Mail Transport Agent (MTA) framework. The main goal is to implement a protection system against unsolicited or potentially harmful e-mail. However, its modular architecture makes Mail Filter suitable for a wide variety of applications that involve SMTP.


Mail Filter was designed to act primarily as a gateway between the Internet and a real mail server. The basic idea is to protect the mail server and also offload cpu-intensive tasks such as virus scanning. However, this gateway setup is not hardcoded inside the engine. Instead it's just a module that can be easily disabled.

Most Common Setup


  • Can talk to any server that “speaks” SMTP - Spamassassin and Clamav (and virtually any other mail scanning software) can now be used with any SMTP server, without requiring special modules.
  • Proxy setup allows mail to be rejected right away when the recipient address is invalid (Mail Filter doesn't queue messages), thus avoiding bounces when the envelope sender address is forged.
  • SQL logging allows for a wide variety of mail traffic analysis, ranging from basic search to advanced reports.


Mail Filter is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License. For further details, please visit the official GPL site.

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