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CIOpenReview ©2015 OpenReviewScrript ©2011-2012

CIOpenReview is free, open source software for creating product or service review websites, written in PHP using the CodeIgniter framework ( and released under the GPLv2 license (see the 'LICENSE' file for more details).

CIOpenReview is a fork of the original OpenReviewScript which was abandoned as of 2012. There have been several changes to the original script:

  • CIOpenReview now uses CodeIgniter 3.0.6 and has updated requirements (see Server Requirements)
  • CIOpenReview uses MySQLi extentions and works on PHP 7.0!
  • You can now rate in 1/2 star increments
  • Debug information is stored in a table on the DB
  • Bootstrap-based Theme
  • User password hashed with password_hash() (Much more secure)

Newer features are in the works and I am open to any suggestions:

  • Adding admin and user logging
  • Improved click-through stats (currently show total click for lifetime of review)
  • Language translations
  • Improvements in user security
  • More themes
  • Automatic Social Media submissions on new reviews.

IMPORTANT: This software is currently beta, there will probably be some bugs/issues. Please report them ASAP and I will get them cleared up.

Server Requirements

  • PHP version 5.2.4+ (PHP 7.0 COMPATIBLE)
  • MySQL 5.1+ or MariaDB 10+
  • PHP GD Library
  • PHP cURL Library (libcurl)

Also required for Installation:

  • An FTP client / Shell Access to be able to upload/download script


The CIOpenReview demo is available on the following URLS

User Site

Manager Site

User: demo
Passowrd: demo123

Note: The demo database is deleted and refreshed every night at midnight central time


For full installation instructions, please refer to the Install Guide located at