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mdtools.relstorage is a collection of tools to use with history-free databases and relstorage which use PostgreSQL. Those tools only work on history-free databases. If you try to use them on an another type of database you will most likely break your database, lose information, or have incorrect result so please do not.

Those tools are used with a database that uses blobs, but store them on the filesystem and not in relstorage.

There are two families of tools:

  • Tools starting with zodb which connects though a configuration file to a ZODB-based database and use the ZODB api. Those tools work slowly and does not support any parallelisation.

  • Tools starting with rel which connects directly to a PostgreSQL database and work on directly on the records stored there by relstorage. By skipping the ZODB api, those tools are fast and support parallelisation.

zodbcheck and relcheck

Those two tools build an sqlite database that contains all references between objects. It will verify there are no missing objects (that would generate POSKey errors in your application).

This database can then be used by:

  • sqlpack to prepare an offline pack,

  • zodblinks to expore the relations between objects.

zodbsearch and relsearch

Those two tools can be used to load all objects stored in the database and search for specific Python classes used by those objects. It will report as well any missing Python class that is used but could not be found.

The goal of this tool is to help you refactor your code without breaking existing databases.


You should not use this tool while your application is running or you will lose data

This tool is the relstorage variant of zodbupdate and can be used to migrate a relstorage database from Python 2 to Python 3 faster than using the original tool.


This tool uses the database created by zodbcheck or relcheck and a manifest of blobs and will create:

  • A collection of SQL scripts to delete every object that are no longer in used from your relstorage database,

  • A shell script to delete the associated blobs.

The purpose is to prepare an 'offline' pack of the your production database on a copy that can be applied to the your real production database later reliably and without any performance impact.


This tool uses the database created by zodbcheck or relcheck and let you explore which object is linked to which other object. It allows you to find the "path" between two objects, meaning which sequence of objects references that link two objects together.

It helps you to find and identify bugs that would leave persistent objects in the database when they should have been deleted.