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Update value dynamically #9

WinnieK opened this Issue Feb 21, 2013 · 2 comments

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WinnieK commented Feb 21, 2013

Hello there.
I was trying to combine datatables plugin and progress bars. On the first page of the table all bars work fine, but on the second page bars don't have values.
Haven't tried them with tabs, when they placed inside hidden tab, but i think there is the same issue.

Is there a way to update values dynamically?


@WinnieK hi,

thanks for your interest in this project.

I'm currently very busy but reviewing bootstrap-progressbar is one of the next points in my todo list.

will definitely check on that.

best stephan

minddust commented Aug 2, 2014

well.. it's probably not a problem anymore.. (really sorry for the delay - work, university, life, ...)

but for those who are interested in:

first it depends on how you are loading your pages (ajax / full / pre).
if the progressbars aren't in the dom while calling progressbar() they will display nothing.
pre loaded bar (e.g. in tabs) should work fine.
and if you want to activate them on the first show - simply bind your progressbar activation with that event.

if there are any more questions about that topic - feel free to reopen the ticket

@minddust minddust closed this Aug 2, 2014
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