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This simple script automates the process of firmware emulation through firmadyne and it is very useful when you just want to emulate a firmware without storing any kind of logs or information.

The main features of this tool are the following:

  • Takes as input a file and try to extract and emulate the firmware inside using the scripts provided by firmadyne.
  • Provides a verbose mode with -v argument in order to show firmadyne script output
  • Does not use firmadyne database.
  • Does not save any file inside firmadyne directory in order to prevent any inconsistency state if used before or after a normal firmadyne execution.


  1. Following all the steps to install firmadyne as shown here.
  2. Clone this repository and then copy inside firmadyne folder.
git clone
cp firmadyne-launcher/ firmadyne/
chmod +x firmadyne/


cd firmadyne

If you want to try firmadyne and firmadyne-launcher, you can use the following firmwares as test cases: