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'_:emitter': PyPI:metadrive.infinity.generate


'_:emitter': PyPI:linkedindb.generate
  comment: <text> - Creates an comment to a post.
body: {'*': '_:body-text#string'}
- {'*': '_:comment'}
date: {'*': '_:creation-date#isodate'}
logged: {'*': '_:logging-date#isodate'}
mentioned_by: {'*': '_:like-voter'}
shared_by: {'*': '_:author'}
url: {'*': '_:url#url'}


'_:extends': IN:wefindx/idea#halfbakery
'_:emitter': PyPI:halfbakery.generate
  addnote: <text> - Creates an annotation to an idea.
  delete: <idea_url> - Deletes own idea.
  delnote: <anno_url> - Deletes own annotation from an idea.
  update: <idea_url> - Edits own idea.
  updnote: <anno_url, text> - Edits own annotation to an idea.
  vote: '<idea_url: str, value: int> - Changes your vote on an idea. Value can be
    betwee -1, 0, 1.'
  '*': '_:author'
  date: {'*': '_:creation-date#isodate'}
  userlink: {'*': '_:userlink#url'}
  username: {'*': '_:username#string'}
  last_modified: {'*': '_:last-updated#isodate'}
meal: {'*': '::mindey/halfbakery-meal#decimal'}


'_:extends': IN:wefindx/topic#metaculuscom
'_:emitter': PyPI:metaculus.generate
title: {'*': '_:title'}
description: {'*': '_:body-text'}
author: {'*': '_:author'}
created_time: {'*': '_:creation-date#isodate'}
last_activity_time: {'*': '_:last-updated#isodate'}
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