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from pook.engine import MockEngine
from pook.interceptors.base import BaseInterceptor
from mocket.mocket import Mocket
from mocket.mockhttp import Entry, Response
class MocketPookEntry(Entry):
pook_request = None
pook_engine = None
def can_handle(self, data):
can_handle = super(MocketPookEntry, self).can_handle(data)
if can_handle:
return can_handle
def single_register(cls, method, uri, body='', status=200, headers=None, match_querystring=True):
entry = cls(
uri, method, Response(
body=body, status=status, headers=headers
), match_querystring=match_querystring
return entry
class MocketInterceptor(BaseInterceptor):
def activate(self):
def disable(self):
class MocketEngine(MockEngine):
def __init__(self, engine):
def mocket_mock_fun(*args, **kwargs):
mock = self.pook_mock_fun(*args, **kwargs)
request = mock._request
method = request.method
url = request.rawurl
response = mock._response
body = response._body
status = response._status
headers = response._headers
entry = MocketPookEntry.single_register(method, url, body, status, headers)
entry.pook_engine = self.engine
entry.pook_request = request
return mock
# Store plugins engine
self.engine = engine
# Store HTTP client interceptors
self.interceptors = []
# Self-register MocketInterceptor
# mocking pook.mock()
self.pook_mock_fun = self.engine.mock
self.engine.mock = mocket_mock_fun
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