My personal scripts.
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LICENSE Add LICENSE file (MIT) Mar 12, 2017 Add LICENSE file (MIT) Mar 12, 2017
autolock New script: autolock Dec 10, 2017
base16 Print error to STDERR Sep 23, 2017
baseconv Can now also convert floats Sep 5, 2016
clang++ Neu: clang++: Wrapper for C++11 Support in clang Nov 7, 2013
ddns-updater Removed useless comments Jun 7, 2015
ddns-updater.conf Configuration file and new method to get own ip address Dec 22, 2014
dyndnslogin Removed useless comments Jun 7, 2015
firewall More Bittorrent Tracker Ports Oct 14, 2015
fixjollaphotos New: fixjollaphotos Aug 25, 2016
getphotos Removed useless comments and variables in english Mar 28, 2015
hsrsync Removed useless comments Jun 7, 2015
httpshare Removed useless comments Jun 7, 2015
imagerename Fix: Bug with pictures containing a whitespace Sep 23, 2017
imageshrink Some improvements: Nov 8, 2016
ip.php New: ip.php to display ip address Feb 28, 2016
myip Check for geoiplookup tools Mar 4, 2018
packtebooksrename Typo Oct 12, 2016
pic2vid Removed useless comments Jun 7, 2015
pre-suspend Script executed before suspend Mar 13, 2016
propersuspend Removed useless comments Jun 7, 2015
qrscan New: qrscan, a QR-Code scanner Dec 15, 2014
screenshot Feature: Copy screenshot directly to clipboard Sep 23, 2017
securegpgsign Help with Jan 5, 2015
wordpress-lazyest-thumbs Show dot for progress Oct 14, 2015


My personal scripts.

  • screenctl: A xrandr wrapper for screen settings
  • base16: Base16 (Hex) encode and decode data.
  • baseconv: Convert numbers from one base to another
  • clang++: Wrapper for C++11 Support in clang++
  • ddns-updater: Update Dynamic DNS Entries
  • dyndnslogin: Automate DynDNS login to prevent account expiration
  • fehshow: Öffnet alle Bilder im Verzeichnis statt nur ein Bild in feh
  • firewall: Host Firewall mit iptables
  • fixjollaphotos: Add EXIF timestamp, rotate and rename Jolla photos
  • getphotos: Fotos von der Kamera herunterladen und abspeichern
  • hsrsync: Synchronisiert mit dem Skripteserver der HSR
  • httpshare: Simple share a file over HTTP
  • imagerename: Fotos nach Datum umbenennen
  • imagerotate: Dreht Fotos anhand des EXIF-Tag Orientation
  • imageshrink: Verkleinert alle Bilder im aktuellen Verzeichnis
  • magnify: A simple screen magnifier.
  • myip: Displays IP addresses of the current host used for internet connections.
  • pic2vid: Wandelt Fotos in ein Video um (Zeitraffer mit ffmpeg)
  • packtebooksrename: Renames free learning eBooks from Pack Publishing
  • propersuspend: Computer sauber in den Standby setzen
  • qrscan: QR-Code scanner
  • screenshot: Wrapper für scrot um Screenshots zu erstellen
  • securegpgsign: Sign GPG Keys with offline Primary Key on encrypted USB Device
  • securelv: Mount a LUKS encrypted Logical Volume
  • sshfpgen: Creates SSHFP Records vor all available keys
  • wecker: A very useful alarm clock / sleep timer
  • wordpress-lazyest-thumbs: Created 120x120 Thumbnails for the WordPress Lazyest Gallery

The source code is licensed under the MIT license.