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a notification plugin for jQuery that supports multiple messages

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A jQuery plugin that provides a message bar to inform users of your application about things you want them to know (informational, errors, etc).

Inspired by jBar (

Added to jQuery Plugins site:


  • display one or more messages with buttons to navigate between them
  • can be positioned at the top or bottom of the page
  • easy programmatic control (i.e. show, hide, showNext)

Plugin API

  • init: create the plugin, see the source for details about what options init accepts (p.s. I know that's lame, I want to provide "real" documentation in the near future...of course you could fork, do it and submit a pull request :)
  • show: show the messagebar
  • hide: hide the messagebar
  • isShowing: returns true/false indicating whether the messagebar is being shown or not
  • addMessage(message, type): add a new message and associate with a type (see the "message_types" option in the init method). Messages are always added to the front of the list. If the message bar is already showing and you add a message it will not be immediately displayed. Instead you must invoke the show method after adding the message.
    $('body').messagebar('addMessage', 'hello world', 'info');

    // add and show a message
        $('body').messagebar('addMessage', 'hello world', 'info').messagebar('show');
  • showNext: show the next message, this assumes the message bar is already showing
  • showPrevious: show the previous message, this assumes the message bar is already showing


  • jQuery 1.6 (most likely works with older versions as well, presumably 1.4+)

Running Tests

  • To run the tests from the file system using your web browser, just open up the spec/SpecRunner.html
  • If you are using Chrome the tests won't work, you need to pass a command-line arg to Chrome when you start it. reference



  • see the issues I've added future enhancements there




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