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Money Spent?

A simple rails app to demonstrate some of my skills with ruby, rails, etc. Unfortunately my day job doesn't allow me to share the code I create, so in an effort to have some sort of "profile", I've created this app.

The idea is to create a simple app to keep track of money spent (hence the catchy name).

Goals (as of 06/21/2011)

  • facebook integration
  • model validation
  • some sort of chart
  • maybe implement a view with backbone, spine, etc

    Where is it now (as of 06/27/2011)

    • facebook integration via omniauth
    • mongodb for persistence using mongoid
    • some form validation on the client
    • g.raphael charting populated from AJAX requests made with jQuery
    • some rspec tests (most were generated which don't work, but spec/models/expenses_spec.rb works)


    • deploy to heroku
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