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MindsDB Inc

The platform for customizing AI from enterprise data

Welcome to MindsDB πŸ‘‹


Welcome to the MindsDB GitHub organization! We believe AI will make every organization smarter. We work to empower developers to reliably use enterprise data to customize AI for their needs.

🌟 Projects

  • MindsDB: The platform to create, serve, fine-tune AI models in real time from your database, vector store, and application data.
  • LightWood: An AutoML framework to build machine learning pipelines in a declarative way.
  • MindsDB Type Infer: A Python package to automatically infer data types in tabular data.
  • MindsDB Forecast Visualizer: A library to help you visualize time-series forecasts.

🀝 Contribute

We're an open-source-loving community, and contributions are always welcome! Whether it's by fixing bugs, enhancing documentation, proposing new features, or spreading the word, every contribution counts.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» See for guidelines.

πŸ’š Look for issues labeled good first issue or help-wanted to start your journey.

πŸ’¬ Community

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πŸ’Œ Contact

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  1. mindsdb mindsdb Public

    The platform for customizing AI from enterprise data

    Python 21.2k 2.7k

  2. lightwood lightwood Public

    Lightwood is Legos for Machine Learning.

    Python 420 91

  3. mindsdb-docs mindsdb-docs Public

    Current MindsDB Docs are migrated to MindsDB repository

    37 37

  4. mindsdb_sql mindsdb_sql Public

    SQL parser and planner used by MindsDB

    Python 52 19

  5. dbt-mindsdb dbt-mindsdb Public

    dbt adapter for connecting to MindsDB

    Python 18 7

  6. type_infer type_infer Public

    Type inference for Machine Learning pipelines

    Python 16 7


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