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Framework to streamline use of neural networks
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George3d6 and torrmal Data Transformer & Interface changes (#250)
* properly exporting lightwood model

* added occurance map computation

* adding cycling logic

* added copying logic via cycling index

* fixed syntax error

* trying to fix copy via reindexing

* droped reindexing, was using wrong syntax

* corrected appending

* added balacning for categorical values

* removed debugging logic

* making the secondary dataframe copies

* added unstable parameter map, removed debugging print

* small fix

* added train mode to Data Transformer
Latest commit 7af596b Jun 25, 2019


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MindsDB's goal is to give developers easy access to the power of artificial neural networks for their projects.Tweet

Try it out


You can use MindsDb on your own computer in under a minute, simply follow the installation instructions or, if you already have a python environment setup, just run:

 pip3 install mindsdb --user

You can try MindsDb on Google Colab

You can also use the Docker image here

If you'd prefer to watch a video tutorial, you can find it here. (Note: Please manually set it to 720p or greater to have the text appear clearly)

Having porlbems ? Please tell us about them with an issue on github


Once you have MindsDB installed, you can use it as follows:

To train a model:

from mindsdb import Predictor

# We tell mindsDB what we want to learn and from what data
    to_predict='rental_price', # the column we want to learn to predict given all the data in the file
    from_data="" # the path to the file where we can learn from, (note: can be url)

To use the model:

from mindsdb import Predictor

# use the model to make predictions
result = Predictor(name='home_rentals_price').predict(when={'number_of_rooms': 2,'number_of_bathrooms':1, 'sqft': 1190})

# you can now print the results
print('The predicted price is ${price} with {conf} confidence'.format(price=result[0]['rental_price'], conf=result[0]['rental_price_confidence']))

Visit the documentation to learn more

Report Issues

Please help us by reporting any issues you may have while using MindsDB.

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