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MindsDB is an open-source predictive layer for existing databases that enables rapid prototyping & deployment of ML Models from your database. Significantly reducing the time and cost of machine learning workflows. Tweet

Machine Learning in Database using SQL



  • Prototype AutoML. With MindsDB built-in Automated Machine Learning you can quickly generate the right machine learning model.
  • Model Tune(JSON AI). Optimize the model quickly and easily through the auto-generated JSON-type configuration file.
  • Bring your own models. Build your models in any framework and import into MindsDB
  • AI Tables. Move your models instantly to production, reduce resources, and overhead costs with AI Tables that deliver the results as database tables.
  • Explainable AI. Use MindsDB Studio to interpret predictions made by the model. Identify potential data biases, evaluate and visualize model accuracy using the Explainable AI.

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AI Tables - Get the predictions you need as simple tables in your database.

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