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Webz Handler

This handler integrates with the Webz API to make webz data available to use for model training, predictions and automations.

Connect to the Webz API

The first step is to create a database with the new webz engine by passing in the required token parameter:

CREATE DATABASE webz_datasource
  ENGINE = 'webz',
    "token": "<webz active API key>"

Querying news articles, blogs entries or open discussions

With the previous established connection, you can for instance, query the 5 most relevant news articles, in english that contain the text AI in the title

FROM webz_datasource.posts
WHERE query="language:english title:AI site_type:news"
ORDER BY posts.relevancy DESC

The returned results should have rows like this:

thread__uuid thread__url thread__site_full thread__site thread__site_section thread__section_title thread__title thread__title_full thread__published thread__replies_count thread__participants_count thread__site_type thread__main_image thread__country thread__site_categories thread__social__facebook__likes thread__social__facebook__shares thread__social__facebook__comments thread__social__gplus__shares thread__social__pinterest__shares thread__social__linkedin__shares thread__social__stumbledupon__shares thread__social__vk__shares thread__performance_score thread__domain_rank thread__domain_rank_updated thread__reach__per_million thread__reach__page_views thread__reach__updated uuid url ord_in_thread parent_url author published title text language external_links external_images rating entities__persons entities__organizations entities__locations crawled
e893796adad8a85e6ab5202ac34b5791c8fbb017 BizToc Generative AI could radically alter the practice of law Generative AI could radically alter the practice of law 2023-07-15T09:01:00.000+03:00 0 0 news US ["media","law_government_and_politics","politics"] 2169 501 843 0 2 0 0 1 5 253 2023-07-11T13:16:20.000+03:00 [NULL] [NULL] [NULL] e893796adad8a85e6ab5202ac34b5791c8fbb017 0 [NULL] [NULL] 2023-07-15T09:01:00.000+03:00 Generative AI could radically alter the practice of law Generative AI could radically alter the practice of law L a conservative bunch, befitting a profession that rewards preparedness, sagacity and respect for precedent. No doubt many enjoyed a chuckle at the tale of Steven Schwartz, a personal-injury lawyer at the New York firm Levidow, Levidow & Oberman, who last month used Chat to help him prepare a court filing. He relied a bit too heavily on the artificial-intelligence ( )… This story appeared on english [] [] [NULL] [{"name":"steven schwartz","sentiment":"none"}] [{"name":"levidow, levidow & oberman","sentiment":"none"}] [{"name":"new york","sentiment":"none"}] 2023-07-15T09:52:32.226+03:00

Queries reviews

You can also query the last 10 reviews crawled, in English, with rating equal or higher than 4

WHERE query="language:english rating:>=4"
ORDER BY reviews.crawled ASC

The returned results should have rows like this:

item__uuid item__url item__site_full item__site item__site_section item__section_title item__title item__title_full item__published item__reviews_count item__reviewers_count item__main_image item__country item__site_categories item__domain_rank item__domain_rank_updated uuid url ord_in_thread author published title text language external_links rating crawled