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Framework to streamline use of neural networks
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MindsDB's goal is to make it very simple for developers to use the power of artificial neural networks in their projects. Tweet

Quick Overview

You can get started in your own computer/cloud or you can also try it via your browser using Google Colab.

It's very simple to set up

 pip3 install mindsdb --user

(Having issues? learn more)

Once you have MindsDB installed, you can use it as follows (learn more):

To train a model:

from mindsdb import *

# We tell mindsDB what we want to learn and from what data
    from_data="home_rentals.csv", # the path to the file where we can learn from, (note: can be url)
    predict='rental_price', # the column we want to learn to predict given all the data in the file
    model_name='home_rentals' # the name of this model

To use the model:

from mindsdb import *

# use the model to make predictions
result = MindsDB().predict(predict='rental_price', when={'number_of_rooms': 2,'number_of_bathrooms':1, 'sqft': 1190}, model_name='home_rentals')

# you can now print the results
print('The predicted price is ${price} with {conf} confidence'.format(price=result.predicted_values[0]['rental_price'], conf=result.predicted_values[0]['prediction_confidence']))

Report Issues

Please help us by reporting any issues you may have while using MindsDB.

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