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configfile is a command line tool that help user to manage their own configuration files.

Data storage

This tool does not store configuration files for you. A git repo (dotfiles) is needed to store your configuration files.

Please follow this structure:



To install Configfile, you need to use NPM or Yarn.

yarn global add configfile@latest


  • configfile init or configfile i: Initialize configfile on the current user session.
    • -f, --force force current configuration to be overwritten.
  • configfile modules list or configfile m l: Display a list of all modules available via Configfile.
  • configfile modules deploy [moduleName...] or configfile m d [moduleName...]: Deploy the configuration files for the given module name.
    • -l, --local deploy authorized file to the current directory.
  • configfile scripts or configfile s: Display a list of all scripts available via Configfile.
  • configfile scripts run <scriptName> or configfile s r <scriptName>: Execute the script identifying by the given script name.


Contributions to the source code of Configfile are welcomed and greatly appreciated. For help on how to contribute in this project, please refer to How to contribute to Configfile.


Configfile is licensed under an Apache-2.0 license, which means that it's a completely free open source software. Unfortunately, Configfile doesn't make itself. Version 1.0.0 is the next step, which will result in many late, beer-filled nights of development.

If you're using Configfile and want to support the development, you now have the chance! Go on my Patreon page and become my joyful patron!!

Become a Patron!

For help on how to support Configfile, please refer to The awesome people who support Configfile.


This project is under Apache-2.0 license. See LICENSE file.

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