A standardized base WordPress plugin that can be used as a boilerplate.
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Mindsize WordPress Plugin Base

A great way to spin up new WP plugins with composer.

About this plugin base

Included Packages

Need Solution
Template Loader gamajo/template-loader

Recomended Packages

Need Solution
CPT/Taxonomy Registration johnbillion/extended-cpts

How to create your plugin from this base with Composer

From the terminal just run the following command.

composer create-project mindsize/wp-plugin-base my-new-plugin

Find/Replace WP Plugin Base to your plugin name

Find Replace Why
Mindsize\WP_Plugin_Base Mindsize\Your_Plugin Update the plugin namespace.
WP_PLUGIN_BASE_ YOUR_PLUGIN_ Update the plugin constants.
wp_plugin_base your_plugin Update the plugin wrapper function.


At Mindsize we believe in composer driven projects, and most of our plugins require an autoloaded generated by Composer. This means installation of our plugins may an extra step to generate this autoloader.

Composer Powered WordPress

If your WordPress website is powered by composer and already is loading the vendor autoload file, just require the plugin by running the command below from your terminal.

composer require mindsize/wp-plugin-base

From GitHub

After cloning this repository, run composer install in the root directory of the plugin. If you are using git based deployments, make sure the vendor directory is no longer ignored.

From Packaged Releases on WordPress.org

Packaged releases on WordPress.org will automatically include the required autoloaders.