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import time
from django.shortcuts import render_to_response, stream_to_response
from django.views.generic.base import StreamingTemplateView
def stream(count=30):
"""Slow generator"""
for _ in xrange(count):
yield "Polo! " * 100
def broken_stream(count=20):
"""Slow generator that throws an exception"""
for _ in xrange(count):
yield ("%d " % _) * 100
raise ValueError("Whups, you gone dun broken it")
for _ in xrange(count):
yield ("%d " % _) * 100
# standard view, 1 second in-view delay, 3 seconds of streaming data
def perftest(request, func=render_to_response, stream_func=stream, template="index.html"):
# Simulate some slow work
# Now render
return func(template, { 'range': stream_func() })
# stream_to_response version - still affected by initial 1 second delay
def streaming_perftest(request, template="index.html", **kwargs):
result = perftest(request, func=stream_to_response, template=template, **kwargs)
return result
# eager streamed version, only streams template body as middleware has already streamed header
def eager_streaming_perftest(request):
return streaming_perftest(request, template="body.html")
eager_streaming_perftest.eager_streaming = True
# broken versions to test 500 error handling
def broken_perftest(request):
return perftest(request, stream_func=broken_stream)
def broken_streaming_perftest(request):
return streaming_perftest(request, stream_func=broken_stream)
def broken_eager_streaming_perftest(request):
return streaming_perftest(request, template="body.html", stream_func=broken_stream)
broken_eager_streaming_perftest.eager_streaming = True
# generic views version
class StreamingTemplatePerformanceTestView(StreamingTemplateView):
template_name = "index.html"
def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):
return { 'range': stream() }
def generic_stream(request):
return StreamingTemplatePerformanceTestView.as_view()(request)
def eager_generic_stream(request):
return StreamingTemplatePerformanceTestView.as_view(template_name="body.html")(request)
eager_generic_stream.eager_streaming = True