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A lightweight promise wrapper around the Qlik Sense Engine API

qsocks was born to provide a lightweight promise layer around the Engine API. Shortening the time to implemention without limiting the developer in what she or he can accomplish.

The aim of qsocks is to mimic the functionality in the Engine API bringing the capabilities to node and the browser.
qsocks currently uses browserify to package up qsocks and promises to bring consistency to the browser landscape.

Deprecation Notice - 2016-12-19

With the release of enigma.js qsocks will be deprecated.
Support for new QIX methods will be provided for 12 months (2017-12-19) and after that support will end.

Getting Started


npm install qsocks --save

Or just grab qsocks.bundle.js and drop it into your page and you are good to go.

Need help?

Then join our Slack channel and ping Alex Karlsson or open a issue on GitHub.
Be sure to check out the examples!

Connecting to a Qlik Sense Server in node

const qsocks = require('qsocks');

var config = {
    host: '',
    isSecure: true,
    origin: 'localhost'
qsocks.Connect(config).then(global => {

Connecting to a Qlik Sense Server in the browser

<script src=""></script>

  var config = {
    host: '',
    isSecure: true

  qsocks.Connect(config).then(global => {


Connecting to Qlik Sense Desktop in the browser

<script src=""></script>
  // Calling Connect() without a config object automatically 
  // assumes a desktop connection, i.e localhost:4848

  qsocks.Connect().then(global => {




  • host - (String) Hostname of server
  • appname - (String) Scoped connection to app.
  • isSecure - (Boolean) If true uses wss and port 443, otherwise ws and port 80
  • port - (Integer) Port of connection, defaults 443/80
  • prefix - (String) Virtual Proxy, defaults to '/'
  • origin - (String) Origin of requests, node only.
  • rejectUnauthorized - (Boolean) False will ignore unauthorized self-signed certs.
  • headers - (Object) HTTP headers
  • ticket - (String) Qlik Sense ticket, consumes ticket on Connect()
  • key - (String) Client Certificate key for QIX connections
  • cert - (String) Client certificate for QIX connections
  • ca - (Array of String) CA root certificates for QIX connections
  • identity - (String) Session identity
  • debug - (Boolean || Function) Will pipe socket messages to console.log or pipe to supplied function
  • disconnect - (Function) Called if socket is closed

For more documentation on available methods refer to the Engine API documentation
Or see the examples in the examples directory


All models will emit events for change and close. Change events will notify you that the model has been invalidated on the server and needs to validate with a GetLayout or GetProperties call.
Close events will notify you that the model has been closed by the server.

Example of Change event

qsocks.Connect().then(global => {
    return global.openDoc('TestApp.qvf')
.then(app => {
        qInfo: {
            qId: 'mysessionobject',
            qType: 'list'
        qListObjectDef: {
            qDef: {
                qFieldDefs: ['[Case Owner]']
            qInitialDataFetch: [{
                qWidth: 1,
                qHeight: 1000,
                qLeft: 0,
                qTop: 0
        myproperty: 'Hello World'
    .then(model => {  
        model.getLayout().then(layout => {
        model.on('change', () => {
            model.getLayout().then(layout => {
        model.on('close', () => {

###Projects built with qsocks SenseIt - Extension for Google Chrome to easily load web data
Service Charges - Interactive Web App by Axis Group &
Generate Qlik Sense apps from ElasticSearch
Chrome Extension - lets you create calculations on the fly
Architeqt - Inheritance Engine for Apps
Chartcacher - Render Qlik charts disconnected from QIX
Qlik-utils - Abstraction layer for Qlik APIs
SerializeApp - Serializes a Qlik app into JSON
Diplomatic Pulse - A custom web UI for QIX
Sense Search Components - Drop in search components


A lightweight promise wrapper around the Qlik Sense Engine API







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