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  1. NodeJS Library for MindSphere Connectivity - TypeScript SDK for MindSphere - MindSphere Command Line Interface - MindSphere Development Proxy - typescript-sdk is waiting for your contributions!

    TypeScript 56 21

  2. MindConnect Library (MCL) - For secure connectivity from an onsite device to MindSphere. By cloning or downloading this repository, you accept the MindSphere Development License Agreement, which yo…

    C 17 3

  3. Node-RED Agent for the MindConnect API (community driven project)

    TypeScript 36

  4. This chrome extension can be used to simplify the development tasks for which you need to use the SESSION and XSRF-TOKEN to access MindSphere APIs. It provides an easy way to copy the MindSphere au…

    CSS 3

  5. A small demo app which can be used as a starting point for your MindSphere #StartForFree developer experience.

    TypeScript 5 6

  6. Introduction to MindSphere Analytics APIs - The notebooks use @mindconnect/mindconnect-nodejs CLI for API calls.

    Jupyter Notebook 15 9


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