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MindSphere Community Documentation

Build Status The MIT License Documentation Forum

MindSphere Open Source Tools and Libraries are contributions from the MindSphere community. These are demo applications, libraries, SDKs and useful connectivity tools which are maintained and released as open source software.

This project contains documentation for MindSphere Open Source Tools and Libraries which is available on


Interested in contributing to the MindSphere Open Source Tools and Libraries Documentation? Want to report a bug? Before you do, please read the following guidelines.

Thank you for being part of the MindSphere Community!



This project has been released under an Open Source license. The release may include and/or use APIs to Siemens’ or third parties’ products or services. In no event shall the project’s Open Source license grant any rights in or to these APIs, products or services that would alter, expand, be inconsistent with, or supersede any terms of separate license agreements applicable to those APIs. “API” means application programming interfaces and their specifications and implementing code that allows other software to communicate with or call on Siemens’ or third parties’ products or services and may be made available through Siemens’ or third parties’ products, documentations or otherwise.

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