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Create Rubrik SLAs from a CSV file

This script allows you to create multiple Rubrik SLAs from a CSV file. CSV_TO_SLA comes in handy when creating large number of SLAs in a cluster.


Before running the script, please download requirements.txt and install the required modules

pip install -r requirements.txt


python csvtosla.py <csv-file>

You'll also need to provide the DNS or IP of the Rubrik Cluster, a username and password.

Template.csv explained

Take a look at template.csv for the required CSV formatting. The columns are explained below:

SLA_NAME - Specifies the name of the SLA

EVERY_X_HOURS - Take a backup every x hours

KEEP_HOURLY_FOR_X_DAYS - Keep hourly backups for x days

EVERY_X_DAYS - Take a backup every x days

KEEP_DAILY_FOR_X_DAYS - Keep daily backup for x days

EVERY_X_MONTHS - Take a backup ever x months

KEEP_MONTHLY_FOR_X_YEARS - Keep monthly backup for x years

EVERY_X_YEARS - Take a backup every x years

KEEP_YEARLY_FOR_X_YEARS - Keep yearly backups for x years

ARCHIVE_LOCATION - Specify archive location name

ARCHIVE_AFTER_X_DAYS - Archive after x days

REPLICATION_TARGET - Specify replication target name

REPLICATE_FOR_X_DAYS - Replicated x days to another Rubrik cluster