An in-process service container to arm your application and enhance it’s robustness.
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Armor is an in-process service container for developers to build reliable and robust java application. Armor enables exported service of apps to be executed in isolated thread context. As a result, different service execution flow does not interfere with each other.

This README is just a fast "quick start" document. You can find more detailed documentation here.

How do I use it?

Use it as a maven dependency:


I want to contribute!

That is great!

  • Use Github issues to report bugs or for detailed feature requests.
  • Fork and create a topic branch, add your feature last post a pull request on github.


  1. Please add unit tests in order to prove your modification works smoothly.
  2. Please make sure your modification passes all unit tests.
  3. Please respect coding style of craft.

Thanks for helping!