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My own website

This is the source code for my little world. I am by no means a designer, however I vouch for the tech!

How to build it

This step transforms the source code from developer friendly code to machine / web friendly code. You can find the built site in the /public folder.``

$ npm install
$ npm run build

Tech steck

For my website, I stick to a static website based on progressive enhancement. No fancy frameworks here, just good old sweat and including everyone 😉

  • Pug, which is great for templating static HTML content
  • Sass, which makes architecting CSS and certain cool styling features a breeze
  • TypeScript, which is JavaScript with types for robust programs
  • ParcelJS, which is a zero-config bundler for the lazy me
  • GitHub Pages, which hosts my site for free with a deploy-and-forget system

Things I want to do

  • Do a better comparison of GitHub Pages vs Zeit (the latter has a better CI, but performance is a bit worse and it's a smaller company)
  • Fill all sites which import the WIP partial
  • Implement TODOs from index.ts file
  • Improve about-me text, I don't like it a lot
  • Add image of me
  • World domination using this website?
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