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Wrapper over Apache Commons Net to provide easy access from Clojure.

Note: FTP is considered insecure. Data and passwords are sent in the clear so someone could sniff packets on your network and discover your password. Nevertheless, FTP access is useful for dealing with anonymous FTP servers and situations where security is not an issue.


clj-ftp is available from Clojars. Add the following dependency to your project.clj:

clj-ftp on


(require '[miner.ftp :as ftp])

(ftp/with-ftp [client ""]
	(ftp/client-get client "interesting.txt" "stuff.txt"))

By default, we use a passive local data connection. You can override that by passing an option after the URL. Use :local-data-connection-mode :active if you don't want passive mode. For example:

(ftp/with-ftp [client ""
               :local-data-connection-mode :active]
	(ftp/client-get client "interesting.txt" "stuff.txt"))

The default file-type for transfers is :ascii, but you can change it with the option :file-type :binary in with-ftp. Use client-set-file-type to set it appropriately before each transfer.

The options for with-ftp are:

  • :default-timeout-ms (not set by default)
  • :connect-timeout-ms (default to 30000)
  • :data-timeout-ms (default infinite)
  • :control-keep-alive-timeout-sec (default 300)
  • :control-keep-alive-reply-timeout-ms (default 1000)
  • :control-encoding (default "UTF-8")
  • :file-type (default :ascii)
  • :local-data-connection-mode (default :passive)


Copyright © 2012-16 Stephen E. Miner

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.