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@minerideseama minerideseama released this Feb 15, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release

Info about miner used

Compiled version: ethminer 0.18.0-alpha.3+commit.260c47d2
Miner compiled on WIN10 64 with CUDA 10.
Based on ProgPow specs 0.9.2:

Driver issues

  1. For Nvidia, if any CUDA related error, please install latest NV drivers
  2. For AMD drivers 19.x, apparently AMD has removed something from drivers package. Install first 18.6 and then 19.x over

Miner reducing hashrate after 5 minutes

Please set-up the fan speed manually, the VGA overheats and seems the driver doesn't handle that well

How to use

I have compiled 2 versions of the miner for AMD OpenCL and NVidia Cuda.
Go to that respective folder (AMD/Nvidia) and you will find 3 .bat files.
One will do a local simulation, the other two will do pool test.
Please note that you should insert your own ETH address and worker name in the .bat files made for pools (simulation doesn't matter). Otherwise the miner will not work.

Other important notes

Please note this is not a final version, ProgPoW implementation in Ethereum as well as Ethminer are work in progress.

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