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A collection of baselines for the MineRL environment/datasets & the NeurIPS 2019 MineRL competition
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MineRL Baselines

Towards Solving AI in Open World Environments

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This repository contains baselines for various environments in the minerl python package as well as baseline submissions for the MineRL Competition on Sample Efficicent RL @ NeurIPS 2019.

Using the Baselines

The repository is broken up into two main folders:

competition/ # Baseline submissions for NeurIPS comp (MineRLObtainDiamond-v0)
   random_agent/ # git submodule, forks minerllabs/aicrowd_submission_template
   dqn_baseline/ # git submodule, forks ^^

general/ # General baselines for the 6+ `minerl` environments!
   chainerrl/ # Baselines written in the Chainer RL framework

To get started, do the following:

  1. Install the minerl python package:
    • Install JDK 8
    • Install the MineRL Pacakge
      pip3 install --upgrade minerl
  2. Clone the baselines recursively:
    git clone --recurse-submodules 
  3. Check out the baselines in competition/ and general/!

That's all! :)


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