Software what is installed on ASIC. No external computer/node required.
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minerstat ASIC Hub

What is this?

Monitoring and management client installed on the ASIC. The software makes possible to monitor your ASICs without any external monitoring software. If you are running a larger management we recommend to check our ASIC Node.

Supported and tested ASICs:

  • Antminer A3
  • Antminer B3
  • Antminer D3 / D3 Blissz
  • Antminer E3
  • Antminer L3+ / L3++
  • Antminer S1-S9, S9i, S9j (All firmware)
  • Antminer T9 / T9+
  • Antminer X3
  • Antminer Z9 / Z9-Mini

Work in progress for more ASIC support.

Installation & Update

Login with SSH to your asic and execute the following command:

cd /tmp && wget -O && chmod 777 *.sh && sh ACCESS_KEY WORKER

Make sure you replace ACCESS_KEY / WORKER to your details in the end of the above command. [Case sensitive!]

Default SSH Login

ASIC Username Password
Antminer root admin

Bulk Installation from Linux Computer [ or from msOS]

cd /tmp && wget -O && chmod 777 *.sh && sh

First you need to import and/or add manually your workers to the website. The bulk install script will ask your ACCESS_KEY and GROUP/LOCATION only. The rest of process is automatic.

You want to re-run the bulk install script on your location ?

The bulk install is designed to skip already installed machines. If you want to do a force bulk install use this command:

cd /tmp && wget -O && chmod 777 *.sh && sh force

Antminer S9 Bulk Firmware Update from Ubuntu (to Support Asic Boost)

Read "Bulk installation from Linux Computer" first.

cd /tmp && wget -O && chmod 777 *.sh && sh

How the software works?


cd /tmp && wget -O && chmod 777 *.sh && sh

© minerstat OÜ in 2018

Contact: app [ @ ]

Mail: Sepapaja tn 6, Lasnamäe district, Tallinn city, Harju county, 15551, Estonia