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LOTR Subgame for Minetest.
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Lord of the Test: A Minetest subgame.

Version: 1.1.0

This is a game for Minetest that adds Lord of the Rings elements into the game.


To install this game download it, and extract the zip to /games/Lord-of-the-Test.

On Linux, the folder which contains the games folder is .minetest in your home directory. (You may need to use ctrl+h to show hidden files.)

On Windows, the games folder will be located around the directory where minetest.exe is located, and can be accessed from the main directory where the minetest's data is located.

If you need more assistance with this, please refer to these instructions

If you use Arch Linux, you can install LOTT via the AUR. There is a stable package and a latest git package. MadTux (@agwilt) is the maintainer of these packages.


See the license.txt of each mod for information regarding authorship of each mod

If not otherwise stated in license.txt:

Code: LGPL v2.1

Textures: CC BY-SA 3.0


A full list of contributors can be found here:

List of Awesome Contributors

Additional contributors (who are not listed above due to them not pushing their work directly to this repository):

  • AspireMint
  • Gabo (@GaboXandre)
  • philipbenr (@philipbenr)
  • STHGOM / sparky
  • Thomas-S (@Thomas--S)

minetest-LOTR Members:

  • fishyWET (@fishyWET)
  • Amaz (@Amaz1)
  • Lumidify Productions (@lumidify)

If you are interested in joining minetest-LOTR, send a PM on the Minetest Forum to Amaz, email [amazlott [at] gmail [dot] com](mailto: or join #lordofthetest on freenode and look for a minetest-LOTR member. Being a contributor to LOTT beforehand will help with this.

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