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Merge branch 'pgimeno-luacontroller-jit-off'

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Jeija committed Apr 2, 2016
2 parents 72e513e + 6ba73ba commit a6857689bfe58b702578cae02c6d349f3676571f
Showing with 21 additions and 35 deletions.
  1. +21 −35 mesecons_luacontroller/init.lua
@@ -216,6 +216,17 @@ local function safe_string_rep(str, n)
return string.rep(str, n)

-- string.find with a pattern can be used to DoS the server.
-- Therefore, limit string.find to patternless matching.
local function safe_string_find(...)
if (select(4, ...)) ~= true then
debug.sethook() -- Clear hook
error("string.find: 'plain' (fourth parameter) must always be true in a LuaController")

return string.find(...)

local function remove_functions(x)
local tp = type(x)
if tp == "table" then
@@ -292,6 +303,7 @@ local function create_environment(pos, mem, event)
rep = safe_string_rep,
reverse = string.reverse,
sub = string.sub,
find = safe_string_find,
math = {
abs = math.abs,
@@ -354,22 +366,6 @@ local function timeout()

local function code_prohibited(code)
-- LuaJIT doesn't increment the instruction counter when running
-- loops, so we have to sanitize inputs if we're using LuaJIT.
if not rawget(_G, "jit") then
return false
local prohibited = {"while", "for", "repeat", "until", "goto"}
code = " "..code.." "
for _, p in ipairs(prohibited) do
if string.find(code, "[^%w_]"..p.."[^%w_]") then
return "Prohibited command: "..p

local function create_sandbox(code, env)
if code:byte(1) == 27 then
return nil, "Binary code prohibited."
@@ -378,24 +374,17 @@ local function create_sandbox(code, env)
if not f then return nil, msg end
setfenv(f, env)

-- Turn off JIT optimization for user code so that count
-- events are generated when adding debug hooks
if rawget(_G, "jit") then, true)

return function(...)
-- Normal Lua: Use instruction counter to stop execution
-- after luacontroller_maxevents.
-- LuaJIT: Count function calls instead of instructions, allows usage
-- of function keyword. However, LuaJIT still doesn't trigger
-- lines events when using infinite loops.
-- Use instruction counter to stop execution
-- after luacontroller_maxevents
local maxevents = mesecon.setting("luacontroller_maxevents", 10000)
if not rawget(_G, "jit") then
debug.sethook(timeout, "", maxevents)
local events = 0
debug.sethook(function ()
events = events + 1
if events > maxevents then
end, "c")
debug.sethook(timeout, "", maxevents)
local ok, ret = pcall(f, ...)
debug.sethook() -- Clear hook
if not ok then error(ret, 0) end
@@ -432,9 +421,6 @@ local function run(pos, event)
local mem = load_memory(meta)
local code = meta:get_string("code")

local err = code_prohibited(code)
if err then return err end

-- Create environment
local env = create_environment(pos, mem, event)

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