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Minetest Mod: Adds animations to the players' head.
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Makes the head, and the right arm when you're mining, face the way you're facing, similar to Minecraft. Compatible with 3d_armor. This is an ugly hack. Forked from Kaeza's animplus mod.

The head only turns up and down relative to the body, except it turns slightly to the right/left when you strafe right/left. When you turn the body turns with the head.
Works in both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Created by Rui, this document was written by sloantothebone.


Version of player model

Player models supported by this mod:

  • MTG_4_Jun_2017 (minetest_game after 4 Jun 2017, 0.4.16)
  • MTG_4_Nov_2017 (minetest_game after 4 Nov 2017, 0.5.0)

As there is no automatic way to determine which version is used, this must be configured with advanced settings menu, or by manually editing playeranim.model_version entry in minetest.conf.
The default value is MTG_4_Jun_2017.

Symptoms of having configured the incorrect player model:

  • In rest, arms are raised up, and are either detached from the body, or are too close to the body
  • Cape (if visible) points upward

The delay of sideways body rotation

Configure playeranim.body_rotation_delay. It's the number of frame delay of sideways body rotation.
The default value is 7.

Lengthways body rotation in sneaking

Configure playeranim.body_x_rotation_sneak. It's the degrees of the body's X-axis rotation in sneaking.
The default value is 6.0.

The speed of an animation

Configure playeranim.animation_speed. It's the number of stepping per seconds.
The default value is 2.4.

The speed of an animation in sneaking

Configure playeranim.animation_speed_sneak. It's the number of stepping per seconds in sneaking.
The default value is 0.8.

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