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Provides erosion and sedimentation effects at a geologic time scale.
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  -- a minetest mod that simulates erosion and sedimentation.

  (Ported from my Sedimentology Bukkit Plugin)


This plugin attempts to create processes that are involved in the
transport and deposition of sediments:

- water picking up material
- transportation down slopes
- weather influence
- material falling down cliffs
- material decaying/degrading into smaller grained materials

The plugin doesn't properly recreate real geologic processes, instead
it mimics the bahavior of erosion and deposition by rolling a dice
for most of the factors involved, and if the roll was succesful,
proceed to the next step.

Material hardness and resistance are taken into account - some
materials are easier displaced than others. Some materials degrade
easier than others. Some materials (sand) have a different angle
of repose.

This plugin isn't meant to enhance game play per se, it will operate
slowly over time and vegetation will prevent most of it's effects
from taking a toll on the landscape in most cases, so it will
take a long time in default settings from actually doing anything
noticeable. Because dirt naturally gets a grass cover in Minecraft
it will be unlikely that this plugin does significant damage to your
world. Of course, planting stuff is still advisable if you want to
reduce the effects of the plugin further.



  /sed <subcommands> <values>

  /sedimentology stats

Display statistics from the plugin. The plugin keeps internal counters
for modifications made and attempts, and this command allows you to
display those statistics.

  /sedimentology blocks <integer>

Modify the number of blocks per cycle that the plugin will
attempt to consider for modification. Note that due to the various
factors involved, this number will almost never equal the number of
modifications made per cycle - but increasing it will accelerate the
erosion process.

  /sedimentology help

Displays a help message describing the commands available.

The "blocks" subcommand requires the "server" privilege.


Bugs / Code For bugs, tips, donations please feel free to contact me:

    Auke Kok -

The project code is hosted on my github page:

The bukkit page for this plugin is here:

More information can be found on the bukkit page. There is also a concepts
discussion article, and screenshots are posted here for viewing as well.
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