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This Minetest modpack adds machinery and automation procedure content to your world. A few notable features:

  • Electric circuits
  • Automated material processing (ores, wood, ...)
  • Extended chest functionalities



The modpack is explained in the Manual included in this repository. Machine and tool descriptions can be found on the GitHub Wiki.

  1. My technic circuit doesn't work. No power is distributed.
    • Make sure you have a switching station connected.
  2. My wires do not connect to the machines.
    • Each machine type requires its own cable type. If you do not have a matching circuit, consider using a "Supply Converter" for simplicity.

For modders: Technic Lua API


Unless otherwise stated, all components of this modpack are licensed under the LGPLv2 or later. See also the individual mod folders for their secondary/alternate licenses, if any.


Contributors in alphabetical order:

  • kpoppel
  • Nekogloop
  • Nore/Ekdohibs
  • ShadowNinja
  • VanessaE
  • And many others...